Explore Europe By Private Jet In May

Explore Europe By Private Jet In May 2018-01-18T10:39:30+00:00

This month’s High Cotton travel offer is an opportunity to join 14 privileged travelers this year in May on a two-week odyssey with Lakani private jet tours to Zurich, Switzerland; Italy’s Amalfi Coast; Corfu, Greece; Tirana, Alania; Gdansk, Poland; Bratislava, Slovakia; and Munich, Germany. An extraordinary itinerary is coupled with an ultra-luxurious private jet that flies directly between destinations, avoiding airport crowds by using private terminals. Texas Monthly Travelers receive complimentary roundtrip business class air from the United States to Europe to meet the private jet—a savings of $4,500+ per person.

For rates, availability and details, call 512.975.9737 or email info@texasmonthlytraveler.com

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