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Texas Monthly Traveler works closely with Global CommUnity, an innovative new family travel company that provides one-week itineraries all around the world, and these itineraries come in different versions based on the age of children and price point, so that your family (and particularly your kids and grandkids) can get the most out of exploring other cultures.   Each trip also includes a meaningful community impact experience for the whole family.  

Global CommUnity also offers long-term travel planning for families based on an in-depth interview with the whole family.  For parents and grandparents who are focused on raising global citizens, having a plan for these few precious years we have to travel with our children is very important.  Global CommUnity helps you create a master plan that you can use as a guide as you put together your future adventures.

Finally, Global CommUnity encourages you to take time to learn about the destination and culture before you visit, so the company provides really engaging and imaginative pre-trip materials that make it easy to dive into exploring your next destination as a family.

To speak with a Texas Monthly Traveler family travel advisor regarding a Global CommUnity trip or to start the long-term planning process, please email or call 512.975.9737.

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