Traveler Benefits

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Talented Travel Advisors

Texas Monthly Traveler provides you with some of the most talented and connected travel advisors in the state.  To connect with an advisor, click here.

Hotel Upgrades & Amenities

At more than 1,200 top hotels and resorts worldwide, Texas Monthly Travelers enjoy complimentary upgrades and special amenities.  Click here for options.

Cruise Perks

On hundreds of luxury cruises each year, Texas Monthly Travelers receive special perks and/or experiences.  To explore cruise options, click here.

Air Savings & Support

Texas Monthly Travelers can access the best pricing, and often savings, on business and first-class air worldwide. For a quote, click here.

Exclusive Offers

Texas Monthly Traveler arranges for monthly exclusive offers from the best travel providers worldwide.  Click here for current offers.

VIP Insider Experiences

Texas Monthly Traveler accesses special connections with travel partners globally to arrange for authentic insider experiences to enhance your travel.

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